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Rambling about God

Throughout my career as an artist and a human being in general, I've found my self in endless amounts of conversations on the subject of religion and belief. As an artist in the community with extremely gifted and unique individuals, I've found that many times I have been the only believer in the room!

As this pattern continued, I talked less and began to listen.Listening for patterns. Patterns in their circumstance, their ideals, and their level of religious knowledge before making the choice to simply not believe.

Life is defined by expectations.

How do you perceive God? In your eyes is He the kid with the ant farm? Just watching how we survive in this bubble He's created? Is He a militant puppet master controlling the actions and outcome of everything?

And these are the questions that define our earthly tolerance with the concept that everything we see is not all there is. I've found that 30% of non believers are just angry with God because they EXPECTED a different outcome in a monumental situation and never recovered.

I've also found that a lot of people simply don't believe/respect any sense of hierarchy in life, government, society, and most importantly, nature. They are not willing to receive any knowledge passed on unless it's presented "brother to brother". They believe man to be unworthy of this planet because of their oathish way (which is a noble gesture, but it's the same opinion as Satan).

The non-believers are convinced we are no better and equal to the animals, down to the rodents.

And these are your deep thinkers, your environmental activist, some of your gentlest souls, and perhaps the MOST spiritually robbed of all atheists for they are surrendering their greatest inheritance as man.

Authority.No matter how you choose to use your will, for good, bad or loathing, it is non existent once you surrender your authority. It's like spiritual prison. And to do it unwittingly is like making bail years ago and because you never bothered to ask you sat in jail a free man.Over reliance on God is surrendering your authority.

No wonder so many people are mad.If you asked me to go use the bathroom for you, you'll be waiting forever, but could you really be mad at me when you soil yourself?

Many of us pray when we should be professing.

Pray when we should be praising.

Pray when we should be repenting.

I know what I do when I have people call me only asking for money, favors, and miraculous crap.I cut them back or cut them off.

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